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 Richard E. Coffman Photography

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Richard E. Coffman

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 Why oh Why?

Why do we let things happen? 
Why do we just set back?
Why donít we act when we see injustices?
Why is what I am wanting answered today!
People know of horrible things yet do nothing!
How can they justify not helping?
If you know a child is hurting how can you not reach out?
Is your job more important than taking a few moments to save a life?
Is the almighty Dollar all we care about!
Or is it your pride!
It must be keep hidden we canít let the neighbors know everything not perfect!
What is wrong with helping?
Would you have not wanted help if it had been you?
Or since it happened to you it must be the norm so you do nothing!
 Or are you still living in denial and the pain has hardened your heart so much so you canít feel?
So why do people look away?
So why do people ignore what they see and hear?
So why do cries go unanswered?
Will things ever change?
How can you not reach out and help?
How can you let the pain go on?
Why is your heart so harden?
What will it take to get you to act?
Together we could put an end to abuse!
We could teach our young that it is wrong!
So they would not pass the abusive behaviors on!
When we as a community look way and do nothing we are saying it is ok!
We could make them stop and stop now!
If we all acted together!
So why do we not stand together and say no more?
If you do not act!
Who will protect the children?
So will you act and protect the children?
Or will they be simply left to fin for themselves?
What will it take for you to act?
To be that loving soul that reaches out and took the time to save a life?
I pray that these words might have reached a core emotion!
 Inspiring you to act!
 To help put an end to abuse!
To be the one that acted and saved a life!

By Richard Coffman
Dated 3-10-02

Vickory Art Center
801 W. Shaw St. Studio 103
Fort Worth, TX 76110

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