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 Richard E. Coffman Photography

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Richard E. Coffman

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Loss of Innocence

 The importance of innocence
It allows you to
 Freely love
To trust 
To be child like
As God intended us to be
To have faith 
To know it is ok to fall
Because you know your father 
Will be there to catch you
It allows you to learn to reach out 
You know you are loved
You learn to love others freely
Your heart grows strong 

But what happens 
When that trust is violated 
The father 
The mother
The sisters
The teacher
The doctors
They all break that trust

The father by doing unthinkable things
The mother by not stopping him
The sisters by acting out what the father had done to them
The teacher and doctor by doing nothing

Innocence is lost
The child grows cold and hardens
Never learning how to love
Pain, love and sex are all intertwined together
Yet the child still grows into adulthood in body
Never learning what innocence teaches
Their heart is so very cold 
Their inner being lives in fear
Not really knowing why

You may say
It was just innocence
What is the big deal? 
There are not words to explain 
How painful that statements is
That child still exist within the adult
The child still feels the pain
As if it is still happening
The adult is locked together with the child
They are one 
Yet not blended

The adult stills fights to forget 
The pain the child was put through
By the adults

Yet the child is screaming out 
Will some one listen to me?
Will some one stop them? 
They are hurting me!

They both ask the question

The adult grows weary 
Will the fighting ever be over?

The adult now cries
Will there ever be love in his family
Will there ever really be a family
Or will he just be lost to the abyss
To fin for himself

Can the pains that the father caused ever be eased?
Can the brother and the sisters 
Ever be a real family 
Be apart of each otherís lives

Or will the father win in the end
Through the pains he inflicted even after he is gone

The question is out there now
How will you respond?
Do you want to take back your innocence?
Is there still a chance for a family?
More than in just a name or is it all lost?

By Richard E. Coffman

Vickory Art Center
801 W. Shaw St. Studio 103
Fort Worth, TX 76110

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