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Baby-Bear Photography & Studio
Richard E. Coffman, Photographer
Photography for Models, Entertainers and the Performing arts


Photographic Services

Portfolio and Promo Photos

The full photo session includes a variety of poses, backgrounds, moods, and looks.  Shots are a mix of close-ups, full-lengths, and everything between. Sessions are up beat, high-energy, and tailored specifically to your needs.

These sessions are ideal for models, bands, musicians, entertainers, and athletes who need images for promotional and other career-oriented purposes. Clients use these images for comp cards, press kits, portfolios, and CD art.  The photos can be shot on either digital, slide or print film, depending on the intended use. 


A headshot is a close-up photo of the head and shoulders. It is a standard calling card and casting tool in the entertainment industry.  As a headshot session focuses on the face, full clothing and background changes are not usually necessary, but can be accommodated.  These sessions typically last about an hour.
Shot with black & white print film, headshot sessions are ideal for actors, singers, and entertainers who use this type of photo for professional promotion.

Photo Illustrations and Feature Editorials

Illustration and Editorial photography is used in magazines, catalogs, trade journals, and other periodicals to complement an article or other feature. Publishers, freelance writers, and art directors are typical clients of this service. The photography is produced on an assignment basis using the publisher's artistic guidelines. Commercial usage rights are tailored to each client's needs.