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Baby-Bear Photography & Studio
Richard E. Coffman, Photographer
Photography for Models, Entertainers and the Performing arts


Photography Pricing

Photography Fee

Promotional, Illustration, and Editorial photography is a creative service highly tailored to the client's photography needs. Please call or write so that a photography job quote targeted to your specific requirements can be prepared.  Quotes will include per hour, per session, or per day photography fee plus expenses and usage fees.

Expenses may include
· Location and travel costs 
· Film, processing, and lab costs 
· Assistants and crew 
· Special equipment 
· Digital scanning 
· Finished prints 
· Others expenses as necessary 

 Finished Prints 

You may purchase finished prints of any image. Quotes will include cost per finished print. Usage rights for personal promotional are included with finished prints.

Publishers and commercial clients often prefer transparencies or digital files to prints.  Quotes for illustration and editorial photography will reflect the appropriate usage fees per image.

Usage Rights 
Usage rights provide you the legal right to use and reproduce a copyrighted image. A fee is charged per image and is based on the intended use.

Usage rights are included in the price of finished prints intended for personal promotion. 
Fees for commercial, advertising, editorial, product, and other publication rights are quoted separately.