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Where does one find true love?


There are just so many questions?

What is true love?

Are we to find true love?

If so how do we find it?


I know I am not alone on the journey of finding true love!

Yet I know not where to look!


Is true love just a dream?

Does it exist?

Is it a person or persons?

Or is it merely just a concept?


I am a seeker of true love!

I have an abundance to give!

To whom is the question?


Questions are all I seem to be full of!

Where are the answers?

Where do I turn to find them?


Do answers really exist?

I just donít know!

Yet I have such a great need to know!


My soul longs to feel complete!

To be more than just me!

To be part of a whole!

Some thing greater than the parts!


Maybe I am just a dreamer and none of this is real!

Yet I rather continue on dreaming than to believe it doesnít exist!



By Richard Coffman


Poet & Photographer