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Baby-Bear Photography & Studio
Richard E. Coffman, Photographer
Photography for Models, Entertainers and the Performing arts

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Mission Statement

I will do more than merely capture moments in time for people but will capture in my photography the seed of what people are hoping to become or whom they’ve given up believing that they could ever be.  It is my intent for my photography to be a healing force in the lives of those that have been forgotten by society.  I want to create a positive experience for people with themselves who’ve up until now wished they could be somebody else!  I want to help them see what others see in them.  Photography is for me more than merely capturing static, abstract, and even historical moments in time.  For me, photography, and particularly my photography, is a vital part of the evolution and transformation of the human soul.  And I want to bring the unique differences within people to the forefront and create a bridge of hope from my camera to the human soul that says that it’s ok to be different; that it’s ok to be who you are. 

My goal is more than just that of superior customer service and satisfaction it goes beyond that. Everyone that steps in front my camera will know they are special and will see that in the end product. 

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